Our Magic Initiative


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Mental health. It's a scary word to some. But does it need to be? We're here to change that. 
We're here to convince you that YOUR magic is worth loving and celebrating. We're here to be your biggest cheerleader whether it's through pieces that make you feel like your most badass self or If it's being a shoulder to cry on on via DM on a really hard mental day. We're here to remind you you're not alone in your struggles, and that it's ok not to be ok. We're here to remind you that you are so worthy of SO MUCH LOVE, worthy of that cool outfit, worthy of your dreams and other great things. To remind you day in and day out that we've got your back. That you are the most beautiful, radical, magical and so much more.  We'll fight for you and believe in you when you can't do it for yourself. You are not alone.
It's a hard journey to navigate when you feel alone, that's where we come in. 
Not only do we want to be there for you - we want to make our own impact on the world. 

With every sale on SHOP GASCO, we'll be spreading that magic to various mental health based organizations and charities. We'll be spotlighting a new one each month on our socials and right here on our website, and donating 10% of each sale.


July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, which after doing minimal research is such an important topic. Minorities are disproportionately effected by various mental illnesses and find it harder to be offered treatment, medication and therapy. Because of this, our organization for the month of July is Inclusive Therapists. It's an organization that matches unique people to the right therapists. Their aim is to make finding a therapist for marginalized people less stressful, daunting and safer. 


June is observed as PRIDE month, and we wanted to honor our LGBTQ+ community by working with an organization that donates to the community with an emphasis on mental health for the LGBTQ+ community. We decided to donate proceeds the month of June to The Trevor Project , which is the leading ally for LGBTQ+ youth that provides a 24/7 hotline and training and resources.They also have created other community resources like a LGBTQ+ social network, volunteer groups, advocacy groups and more. 



May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. It's an extremely important month to us here, because it's the reason SHOP GASCO started. It's an amazing month that gets mental health institutions so much exposure and it gets such a great conversation started in people's lives, in the media and so much more. Over the month of May, we took the time to research so many new organizations, find local organizations, and donate to the organization that started it all, NAMI.


Sexual Assualt Awareness and Prevention month takes place in the month of April. Sexual assault can have life long effects on a person's mental health including PTSD, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. We wanted to take this month to support women AND men who suffer from mental trauma due to sexual assault. Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) is the organization we are spreading some magic with. RAINN focuses on assisting survivors in many ways, including help with their mental health.


March is home to International Women's Day and we wanted to choose an organization that focuses 100% of the mental well being of ALL women. For the month of March, we will be donating a portion of proceeds to WellSeek

march's organization of the month, WellSeek
"WellSeek works with practitioners, advocates, and organizations to create social impact from the intersection of gender equality & community care. As a collective, we're shifting the paradigm of women's mental health with the changemakers & allies who are leading the way."
They seek to encourage overall well being among women and our donations will be going directly towards the SeekHer Foundation. These funds will go directly to provide resources and scholarships to women making an impact in their own local communities.  

Head to their website for more resources, how you can get involved and more about what they do and why! 



Our debut month, we wanted to choose an organization that is close to my heart - they're the organization that helped me when I was struggling most and the organization that taught me why being an advocate is so important and how to do so. 
NAMI- The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation's leading voice on mental illness. They work to educate, advocate and improve the life of those suffering with mental illnesses. The NAMI help-line aided me when I was in the dark. They lead Mental Illness Awareness Week and spend all their time educating the public on the importance of mental health and illnesses. 
Donations made to NAMI this month will help ensure that no individual or family is alone on their mental health journey. You help provide a national network of support and resources, both online and in communities across the country.
Check back monthly to learn more
Want to be more involved, have an organization you want showcased or need someone to talk to? Shoot us an email to shopgasco@gmail.com
As much as we wish we could help everyone- we are not licensed doctors. If you or someone you know is suffering and needs help, or are looking for more resources - please check out our resources